Household Waste & Recycling Centre

Stevenage, UK


Architecture & Planning



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Fatkin carried out a feasibility study for a replacement Household Waste & Recycling Centre in Stevenage, on behalf of a partnership between the local authority and a major contractor.

In order to understand the different processes and waste streams at the site, the Fatkin team spent a full day shadowing the on-site staff and observing the material flows and range of equipment in use. We also discussed the staff facilities with the operatives to establish what was required and what would help to improve the workplace.

Understanding and rationalizing vehicular movements around the site was key to easing congestion and maintaining safety. This included private cars and vans, and the larger waste vehicles and specialist machines used by the staff.

The outcome of the study was a recommendation for an improved layout with increased capacity and opportunities for public education and promotion of recycling and reuse.