Office Feasibility Study

Dorset County Hospital, UK





Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


End User:

Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Project Value:




RIBA Stages:


Fatkin was appointed to undertake a full review of the existing administrative spaces across the Dorset County Hospital estate, in order to inform the Trust’s future strategy for non-clinical office accommodation, and to free up much needed clinical resources as part of a Future Hospital programme.


Alongside material elements (office space, locations, equipment etc), the brief utilised Fatkin’s experience with stakeholder engagement and co-design, placing staff engagement and experience at the heart of the project.


Over a three-month period, a five-step process (data gathering, data analysis, optioneering, solutions and deliverables) concluded with the presentation of a detailed report that incorporated fully costed proposals, project data sets, site plans and the associated schedules of accommodation.


The research methodology included a comprehensive on-site survey of existing accommodation and IT infrastructure, online staff surveys, a series of targeted workshops, key stakeholder interviews and department-specific responses on the practicalities of relocating from the main hospital building. 


Numerical and data-driven outputs were supported with recommendations relating to change management, accessibility and diversity, challenging existing working practices, and guidance on how the Trust could implement on-site and off-site methodology to support remote and hybrid working.