Pathology & Mortuary Department

Watford General Hospital, UK


Architecture & Planning



GSCI Consultants Ltd


End User:

Watford General Hospital

Project Value:

c. £8m.



RIBA Stages:


Fatkin was appointed to develop the design of a new-build modular building housing the Pathology & Mortuary Department of Watford General Hospital. This is intended to provide interim accommodation for these functions whilst the wider redevelopment of the hospital comes forward.


In order to understand the complex workflows and processes involved in both departments, Fatkin carried out a work shadowing exercise where we were able to observe the different processes and staff movement in the existing facilities. We were then able to apply this knowledge to the layout of the new building to offer improvements in efficiency and comfort.


The ground floor of the new building houses the mortuary department and admin space for the pathology team, with the laboratories located at first floor level and plant at second floor/roof. The ground floor is connected to an existing neighbouring building by a new corridor, and the landscape around the building has been designed by Fatkin including the reconfiguration of the blue-light route, drop-off area, deliveries and public parking.