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Fatkin were asked to develop an 80 unit housing scheme for a site near Luton and Dunstable.  It is a challenging site; steeply sloping, narrow, and sandwiched between a busy road and a busway, with an AONB to the south.

A key challenge for the site layout was a planning requirement to provide a new section of a ‘Heritage Greenway’ across the site, providing a link between the villages to the south of the site and the busway, a key public transport route.  Fatkin decided to combine this new route with the playspace and landscaping requirements to form a central public space; a green heart to the development.  The playspace was designed as a ‘play route’, creating both an exciting start to the Heritage Greenway for children, and a playspace for the residents of the new housing development. 

When designing the housing care was taken to maximise the number of units with their own front door directly onto the street, and the number of windows and balconies overlooking public spaces to create a sociable, safe new neighbourhood.