Spiral Cycle Store Concept



Architecture & Planning



RIBA Rethink Competition 2020 (longlisted)


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Fatkin developed a concept design for an attractive and spatially efficient spiral cycle store, which can be prefabricated offsite using standard components and existing technology, and rapidly installed in a range of settings.

The proposal incorporates ‘air locks’ at entrance and exit to prevent tailgating and maintain physical distancing. Access is achieved through a contactless card or institution swipe card, so either a fee/ deposit can be taken, or access can be restricted to preregistered users. A caretaker’s lobby is provided by the entrance for surveillance and assistance if required.

To maintain physical distancing, users ascend the building through the central staircase, pushing their bike up a metal channel. After depositing the bike in a rack and locking it, they exit the building onto the perimeter and gently descend to the ground via the spiral ramp. The return journey maintains the flow; returning pedestrians use the central staircase, and departing cyclists use the perimeter ramp.

The spiral bike store is constructed from modular metal and composite components. These can be prefabricated at existing factories and rapidly assembled on site, following some minor groundworks. Optional central lockers can be provided for storage of helmets or charging of batteries. Additional levels can be easily added if demand increases. When the spiral bike store is no longer required, it can be simply disassembled and relocated, or ultimately recycled.