Watford General Hospital MSCP

Watford, UK


Architecture & Planning



Huber Car Park Systems


End User:

Watford General Hospital, Watford Football Club & Others

Project Value:

c. £20m



RIBA Stages:


Fatkin provided architectural services for a new build 1455 space MSCP on a brownfield site within a large mixed-use development including residential, healthcare and leisure functions. The design of the car park was fundamental to unlocking the potential of the rest of the Riverwell development, a major brownfield regeneration project for the town.


The project balances the complex requirements of multiple stakeholders and adjacent functions, including the Hospital, Football Club, existing residential units and forthcoming housing, with provision for pedestrian bridges linking across to mitigate the steep level changes across the site. The cladding is designed to break up the large volume of the building, with a range of textures and tones.


The scheme was developed through multiple iterations with detailed input from the Local Planning Authority and Design Review Panel. Fatkin produced high quality visualisations in order to aid stakeholder decision making.